Bear Hunts

Our area consists of 1,000 square miles that are hunted exclusively by Duck Mountain Outfitters and are broken up into two different parts, each approximately 500 square miles. All of these areas have an abundance of bear.  Each area has approximately 30-40 baits with a maximum of six hunters in any one 500-square-mile area per week. Some areas only have two hunts per week on 500 square miles, which accounts for our high success rate of kill; usually in the 90% plus range!

Our areas have as many large hog bears today as when we started.  Our quotas are very low per area; approximately 25 tags per year for each 500 square mile area. As all hunts are bait-oriented, we have, through the use of good bait sites, attracted as 20-plus bears on one bait.  Our expert guides and a series of very remote bait sites almost guarantees attracting trophy animals.  The results are one of the best success ratios in bear hunting in North America. Recently, we have started using trail cameras on a large scale.  This greatly enhances your individual chances of taking the trophy that you are looking for.

We offer hunter’s choice of rifle, bow, or muzzle loaders during our hunts.


  • About Us

    Here at Duck Mountain Outfitters, our primary goal is to provide each of our clients with a premium experience from start to finish.  Located in Northwestern Manitoba, Duck Mountain Outfitters has a reputation of providing some of the best fair chase black bear and whitetail deer hunting in North America. 
  • Objective

    We will make every effort to make your hunt a memory you will cherish forever. In addition to providing you with an opportunity to take the trophy you're after, we will strive to give friendly and courteous service along with excellent accommodations and great home cooked meals!